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Blog    |   Tips    |   April 30, 2021

5 ways to care for your kitchen

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CE-marked products inspire confidence, which is unfortunately not always justified. A CE mark on a flue gas outlet only says something about the product specification, the ‘basic requirements’ in accordance with European directives. However, it does not mean that CE-marked flues can be used in the Netherlands just like that. That depends on the performance requirements as laid down in the 2012 Building Decree.

No guarantee or quality mark

So if you buy a traditional double-walled semi-finished flue with a CE declaration that does not independently meet the Dutch performance requirements, then that product cannot be used in the Netherlands just like that. The installation of a (complete) extra fire-resistant casing could increase fire safety. But: in order to meet the Dutch requirements, the pipe – including casing – must be tested and installed exactly in accordance with the same set-up. This must then be apparent from the declaration of performance and the installation instructions, which describe in detail how the casing must be constructed and which materials must be used, so that the whole corresponds to the tested situation.

Choose safety and security

An all-in-1 ISODUCT flue gas discharge, thanks to the built-in fire-safe casing, is the only flue that independently meets all requirements for fire safety and legislation for flue gas discharge facilities in the Netherlands. It is therefore not necessary to install an extra casing!

More information

Read more about CE marking and European regulations regarding the manufacture of flue gas exhausts in the brochure ‘ CE marking on construction products ‘ on the website of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK).

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